The Production

Our Choice

"From design to manufacturing to a guarantee of quality in your work"

Eurozappa chose to carry out all the manufacturing processes exclusively inside the company, starting from steel selection to the production of the final part. Each pole is specialized in mechanical agriculture and general mechanics, thus guaranteeing a unique range of products that meet the highest quality and technical standards.

All three production sites are equipped with state-of-the-art machine lines dedicated to mechanical processing and the different and specific heat-treatments: everything is controlled and certified with multiple quality assurance phases from design to production, in order to ensure the quality of our work.

From planning to manufacturing:
a single and proven process

CAD CAM Design

Specialized technical personnel studies manufacturing feasibility and designs, by means of more and more advanced software, the necessary equipment for the realization of new products.

Cold Shearing and Laser Cutting

Modern instruments guarantee extremely high-precision metal cutting at high rates of advance. Each item is cut, following the specific design, using automatic shears or by means of a Laser cutting plant.

Forging in controlled temperature ovens

The use of gas-fed and induction ovens allows hot press-forging of new, custom-design parts or items present in the catalog.

Heat Treatment with cold tempering

The heat treatment systems with controlled atmosphere and continuous isothermal annealing guarantee the technical specifications of hardness, resistance and resilience. Heat treatments are carried out under strict control by specialized technical staff.

Mechanical processing with C.N.C. machines

Machinery perform any type of mechanical processing with the tightest tolerances required. The latest generation of turning and milling plants allow to proceed on more than one working plan, giving the possibility to realize complex figures. Turning and milling processings can be carried out directly on the items printed in the production center.


Sandblasting allows you to refine the product. The result is a pure, uniform tool that is resistant to the strongest pressures.

Powder coating

Powder coating completes the manufacturing process, providing finished products in different colors.

Quality Control

For all the metallurgical and dimensional checks, 3D control systems are used, along with microscopes, Brinell and Rockwell hardometers, in order to ensure the highest level of quality certification, in line with the Group standards.