Our History

a 50 year-long history

"This same spirit is the flame that day by day, through the choices taken by the company, keeps us focused on the future" - Eurozappa

Eurozappa came to life in 1972 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe Brighenti, his founder. From its early beginnings as a small, artisan company, Eurozappa became a world-renowned industrial concern thanks to the values of its competent management figures and their ideas, capable of foreseeing market needs.

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Forward Thinking




Forward thinking, listening, analysis, attention are only a few of the aspects which conferred added value to the inherent principles related to product, price and quality.

These are some of the values that have nourished the spirit of our founder and conferred a distinctive mark to the company.

This same spirit, recognized and supported by all the persons who have little by little flanked and then come after Giuseppe Brighenti, has laid the basis for the growth and development of Eurozappa over the years, marking its  path till the present days